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Innovative Medicines Initiative2: Idea generation and development of Call topics


Strategic Research Agenda (SRA): The right prevention and treatment, to the right patient at the right time

The strategic direction, and overall objectives, for IMI2 are outlined in the Strategic Research Agenda (SRA), which was developed as a result of multiple public consultations between June 2012 and October 2013. The final version of the SRA incorporates input from EFPIA, European Biopharmaceutical Enterprises (EBE) and Vaccines Europe members, as well as over eighty other stakeholder organisations including academia, small and medium sized enterprises, large companies originating from various health care sectors, research organisations, learned societies, patient groups, and regulatory agencies. 

Who will translate the SRA into projects?

In IMI2, like IMI1, only public partners will receive EU funding; conversely, industry partners will not receive EU funding, but will invest their own resources in collaboration with public partners to develop R&D into new tools, methodologies, therapies and prevention strategies that address societal healthcare needs – in particular those areas where a single company alone could not succeed. As with IMI1, this requires several companies working together to define a common challenge that will be addressed with multiple non-industry partners; therefore, industry will drive the initial development of projects via the EFPIA InnoMedS. At the next stage these projects would undergo scientific scrutiny and review from independent experts and IMI2 advisory bodies.

Can third parties submit a proposal?

Yes, EFPIA and its InnoMedS are open to third party suggestions for scientific proposals meeting the needs and scope of the SRA.

Can the proposer be part of the IMI consortium?

This is possible, however all projects must go through an open competitive call process including an independent expert review.

For more information on how to participate in IMI projects, visit the IMI website.

Is there a template?

Suggestions for scientific questions can be submitted through an online form available here. At this early stage we do not expect detailed project proposals.  

If you cannot access the online form, you can download a word version here and email it to:

When to submit an idea?

You can submit your ideas at any time. At this time, there are no specific cut off dates as IMI2 ideas and projects will be generated continuously and published when ready (two to four times per year), until 2020 or 2021.

What happens after submission?

All submitted ideas and proposals will be reviewed and treated confidentially. If supported by the Research Directors Group or, where appropriate, by thematic coordination teams (Strategic Governing Groups), the project or an alternative version of the proposal may be developed and incorporated into an IMI2 project. 

All submitters will be provided feedback (in principle within two months) with an indication of the relevance for IMI2, or for other types of public private collaborations. As there is no guarantee that a proposal will develop into an IMI2 project, submitters are also free to pursue alternative funding options in parallel or later.

As not all topics will be generated at the same time, submissions will be regularly revisited and assessed.

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